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We champion gender-neutral clothes which co-ordinate and complement, allowing your children a capsule wardrobe which layers and interchanges. Our focus on quality and the care in our sourcing will ensure that hero&chief clothing features in your children’s adventures for years to come.


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Keeping summertime boredom at bay...

B Rimington

We are a little over halfway through the summer holidays and, although I want summer to last forever, filling the time can sometimes be a challenge.  I am always on the lookout for fun, kid friendly activities to stave off those inevitable bursts of boredom.  

As you would expect, the internet is my go-to source for ideas and inspiration, pinning as I go.   Here are a few of my recent favourites.

It starts with a boredom jar/bucket.  Fill with ice-cream sticks decorated with activities, games and little tasks. As soon as you hear those three little words, "Mum, I'm bored..." you know where to send them.

Feed their imagination by surprising your budding archaeologists with their very own dinosaur fossil excavations.

Why not whip up a batch of homemade play-dough?  My mum always used to make ours and I loved helping her mix and choose colours before spending all afternoon creating little play-dough worlds.

Pasta jewellery evokes such childhood nostalgia in me and is a great alternative to the loom band craze which has taken hold in our house. 

What to do with all those rocks collected on beachfront treasure hunts?  Turn them into mix'n match rock people! Or how about a rock story bag complete with props and characters?

I also find great ideas from Rubyellen of Cakies and this one is no exception.  My 6 year old LOVES a maze and I know he would love creating his own.   

And finally, this is less of an activity and more of a treat but I simply couldn't resist.  Lemonade gummy bear lollies?  Yes, please!

Less boredom, much more fun!